Cayman Snaffle Bridle

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The Cayman bridle features the Tota Comfort System Noseband on a softly padded headstall with a crystal wave browband. The bridle also comes with a set of stopped reins, hook studs on all fastenings and a throat latch. All straps are an elegant half inch wide to flatter the horse’s profile and has a 3 cm Tota Comfort Noseband

The removable flash uses a “T” shaped loop keeper that slides out of noseband when not in use. The gap between the padding and the noseband disappears when the noseband is closed around the horse’s nose making the change between a flash and plain Tota Comfort Noseband seamless. 

The patented Tota Comfort Noseband is designed to decrease the force on the horse's poll, TMJ and the nerves along the side of the face. The modest crown has a single large loop on top that contains the bridles bit strap. The bit is adjusted with a single buckle on one side of the horse's cheek. This headstall fits most horses very well with its simple streamlined design. This bridle also features a removable flash.