Client Testimonials

One of the joys of living in the “Horse Capital of the World” Ocala Florida is the abundance of knowledgeable and professional horse people. I am an adult amateur trying to work my way up the levels with my GOV mare Rheining Scholar. We recently started working in the double bridle in preparation for Third level. I was able to obtain the same bridle Rheiny was ridden in by her previous rider so I thought we would be good to go! Not so. Pretty quickly we started having a tongue out problem. It continued to get worse to the point of her doing it with the snaffle as well.

My trainer suggested I contact our local Neue Schule representative a member of the Try My Bits team. She spent time looking at my current bridles, watched us ride in both the snaffle and double and then made some suggestions. We tried a number of combinations that she had in her “Bag of Bits”!! I was amazed at the detail and knowledge shared with me. I had no idea there was so much involved. In the end we decided on a new snaffle the Verbindend and the Slimma Weymouth for the double.

Although we are still working on the occasional tongue issue we have competed at Third level and finished our scores for the Bronze Medal. The Try My Bits representative was instrumental in our progress and has become a wonderful friend and supporter. She loves what she does and works very hard to solve problems and make our horses comfortable. We are so lucky to have her here in Florida!