"Florence Wetzel is the Magical Bit Fitter. I cannot believe the steadiness in the contact now that Chester has properly fitting bits from Try My Bits. It’s like night and day. Worth EVERY PENNY." -Janet Buckner

"Florence was so helpful in assessing our situation and understanding the horse’s anatomy and way of going and then selecting an appropriate bit. I was surprised at how much the right bit can help the horse be more comfortable and willing!" -Trevor White

"Florence is amazing! She worked with me remotely via videos/photos/phone calls to help me find bits for my two mares. The ability to try the bits – not only to confirm size but also to see how the horses go in them – combined with Florence’s expertise and guidance, is invaluable. I don’t know why anyone would buy a bit another way. As far as the bits themselves, my young horse loves the Tranz-angled Lozenge Eggbut, and the Team Up Loose Ring is ideal for my 3rd level mare. If you’re considering NS bits, go ahead and give them a try – you have nothing to lose with Florence’s trial system! Florence, Wisty and Lima and I send our gratitude from AZ! ☺️-Ashley Marie Wolfe

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