Meet our Bit Fitter

Florence Wetzel

Occupation: Neue Schule Bit and Bridle Fitter.

Florence came to Neue Schule bits initially as an end user. A 10-year search for a solution to help her Dutch schoolmaster had ended in thousands of dollars spent, gallons of tears spilled and little positive results. A chance comment by a friend that Neue Schule had a bit designed to address that horse’s challenges began a journey that changed not only life for that horse but for Florence also.

Florence began her training in 2016 with the President and Founder of Neue Schule USA, Mette Larsen. Since that time, she has completed formal training through Neue Schule, UK and is a certified Bit Fitter. Florence travels extensively in the US and Canada and has done bit fitting in the Netherlands. Florence resides in the Ocala, FL area on her Not So Far Farm. She is currently training two 10 year old’s, one KWPN the other a former Selle Francais jumper in dressage, she enjoys competing when not traveling.

Florence does bitting for dressage, hunters, eventing, jumpers and fox hunting horses. She brings a passion to each bit fitting which combined with her technical knowledge and years of riding experience result in a unique clinic experience.